What’s the Magic Pill in Reaching People.

Why Being WHO YOU ARE is important in reaching clients and colleagues or Why Parents and Mentees need YOU not your list of certifications –

podcast episode 2

pantsThere is no magic pill.  It is simply called being you.  The real you.

This being me is the reason why wearing a white SLP jacket is not simply my flavor.  It is also why a matchy matchy business suit in professional workshops doesn’t quite suit me.  But it took time to figure ME out.  I believe this is why Tameika Meadows has such a reach and following with her blog and books.  She has figured out that Heart to Heart connection plus SMART INTELLECT knowledge equals IMPACT.

I had the great opportunity to interview this awesome Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Author, and Blogger.

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In this we discuss subjects that including


being you

discovering the real you over time

how to present yourself and finding your comfortable sweet spot

giving yourself permission to fail

the comfort in not knowing everything

wearing the shoes of the parents and families you serve

creating and maintaining healthy client boundaries and relationships

making sure families have a LIFE outside of therapy

Tameika has strong material for parent and professional  training material along with her blog  beneficial to parents and professional

I love ABA Blog

Find her books here:

101 Ways to Do ABA

From AtoZ: Teaching Skills to Children with Autism

A Manual Creating an Autism Intervention Program

Tameika Meadows thank you for your time, intelligence, and contribution to the lives of people and the field!!

~Landria Seals Green, MA., CCC-SLP, BCBA

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Landria is a consultant with Landria Green, PLLC; CKO  with SOAR Solutions for Autism, ABA, and Special Education; and Chief Clinical Officer of Momentum Autism Therapy Services.

Is Your Therapy Practice F.A.T. enough?

StockSnap_Y7OQI22I2PInvest In Your Practice and make it F.A.T


Episode One: Podcast: Making Your Therapy Practice F.A.T.

The elephant is my favorite animal for many reasons and I will give you two.

  1. Despite it’s large size that may not make the elephant the fastest animal, it is quite powerful.
  2. When the elephant is falls, he does not stay down long.  Not moving fast to recover from a setback of falling will make him lose his breath and die if he stays down for too long.

I remind myself of this in all areas of my life.  I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a great friend,  and a social entrepreneur.  I have to remember that I am also an elephant.  Powerful and Quick on a setback.

But the obvious is the size of the elephant.  Large-Enormous-Big-Huge.

How can a business, your therapy practice, become F.A.T.

Being F.A.T. is essential for your therapy practice.

Focused.  We know why we are here and how we can help you.  We know why we are here and who are best employees and clients are.

Accountable. We are here to serve and have measures of internal accountability for your child’s progress and how well our staff serve our consumers.

Transparent. This is who we are, our fees are consistent. We are the same company and people when the doors are closed and the blinds are short from a fiscal and clinical integrity standpoint.

Now what does F.A.T. look like?  

Listen to more on the first episode of the my podcast:

Clinical Practice and The Business of Therapy

Until next time!  Continue to Thrive.

~Landria Seals Green,MA., CCC-SLP-BCBA

Chief Clinical Officer, Momentum Autism Therapy Services

Chief Knowledge Officer, SOAR Solutions for ABA, Autism, and Special Education






marcus-dall-col-1235The Unspoken Feeling that the Forever Seeking Balance Career Focused Woman Feels

I write from a personal place outing myself in the hopes that more women will begin to have real conversations about sacrifice.  Our beautiful successes, desires for more in our careers and life, our journeys, the weight of the roles we carry…there exists something we feel…Guilt.  Of  things left undone on the task list, measuring our present with what we wish we’d accomplished by now or the yearning for more, wanting more as we walk and play with our hard fought (fertility is not easy to come by) children, calls not made, unmet household items or coordination of household details, the ungroomed dog that now looks savage like,  and even having to be part of the conversation that starts with “you’re not spending enough time with______ (insert name)”.

I write this coming off the heels of the three day whirlwind intense speaking engagement. A topic that I am absolutely passionate about: autism.  Something that I love doing: teaching other professionals.  And in preparing for this trip, my to-do list continued to grow with other work and home responsibilities.  While I don’t try to be superwoman, I do have those “Chaka Khan I’m Every Woman Moments” and I absolutely may succeed.  But at the cost of Me.  I’m left on the inside a disheveled emotionally exhausted person trying to muster the strength to coordinate everyone and unending list of things and projects needing attending.  My husband is wonderful…but this is not about him nor the tremendous value he brings to my life and our home.  This is completely about me and the guilt I feel by things left undone, dreams that I , may at different times, feel that I’m leaving on the table because I just don’t want to coordinate another things, deadlines not met because I didn’t communicate the truth of what I could really do, and my overthinking it all.

The truth is, I am growing into the place of newfound balance with more responsibility.  I love it and it is a challenge.  The goal is to do it without exhaustion…and anxiety.

Shouldn’t we all seek to do this?  Live in the truth of “Yes I just did this amazing thing and boy am I tired, I have no voice, my daughter can pull her self up in a standing position (and I missed it), and my son asked for present from my trip and I was so busy that I brought home a fancy glass mini ketchup bottle (that I knew he would love…but guilt says I should do more)”.

While I was away, I had this talk with myself that went like this. “Accept yourself flaws and all.  Life is too short to carry the negative health impact that guilt brings.  Your daughter will need to see that there is complete freedom and your son will need to witness this freedom.  So be it.  Right NOW…and HAVE MORE FUN!”

And let me be honest, living guilt free does not happen overnight.  It is a conscious undertaking as I press toward the mark in reaching my highest calling.  IN this press and going upward, guilt is too heavy of a weight to carry.  It is now an uninvited guest in this leg of the Landria journey.

I share this with you..because I see you.  I see all of the posts about opening a new practice, travelling to consult, opening business, expanded territory and I know all that it takes to grow. I know all that you feel you sacrifice: your relationships, your sleep, your sanity, yourself.

My father is more emphatic about this more now than ever…life gives you no do-overs…enjoy it!

So get some sleep and rest…your upward climb requires your strength and agility.

Remove anything and anyone who robs you of peace and sanity…spread it to those who deserve it most.

Your new practice does not require your weekends and sleepless nights…enjoy your Saturday and cozy evenings…you not need grow a business resenting it from stealing your life’s pleasures.

I’ve learned this because I have lived and am living these wonderful lessons.

Guilt no more.

It’s about all about…

—Gratitude for the glass

—Gratitude that I can pour water into the glass myself.

—Gratitude that there is water.

—-Gratitude that there are others in my world who will pour the water for me with no strings attached.

—-Gratitude that I am growing and I will enjoy the drink in my glass and keep pouring from the never-ending pitcher.

——Gratitude for the ME that I am.  For the NOW that is.  And What IS TO COME.

New Level of Thriving!

~Landria Seals Green, MA., CCC-SLP, BCBA

Therapy Biz GURU


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bb9jwutmpuk-anthony-indrausLet your life get you IN FOCUS. Align YOU and REALIGN your business.

Sometimes I just get tired.  Not so much physically…but head filled with thoughts and things to do kind of tired.  Sometimes I just want to answer a question saying  “I’m tired.  I have two beautiful children: infant and toddler.  I own more than one business and have the nerve to want to write a book.”   I deal with saying no to things I’d love to do because the thought of arranging my family life and schedule makes me want to run.  Sometimes I just want to sit in a corner and eat.  But I don’t.  Because it is my life…my choice…my goals being manifested that require my head, my heart, and my hands to be fully engaged and in the game.

Life gets busy.  Business will experience growth (slow or fast). Family and friend demands don’t east.  Parents get sick.  Children get sick.  Presents need to be mailed.  Marketing requires thought, money, and follow through.  Staff need to be taken care of.  Waitlists need to move.  Emails need answering.

So how do you get through life and all of its wonderful demands and dreams?  You take it one step at a time.  You pick up the crying baby.  You pause.  You imagine the business you want and you put each item into action.

Here is the big lesson: There is no rush.  There is no race.  There is no competition.  There is no finite number of clients.  It is all there for you…for me…for us.  I have learned through some wonderful and some painful lessons, that LIFE requires my presence not my anxious unassured self wondering if my business(s) will work.  Of course they will!  Not from wishing and magic (been there)…it will happen from actionable plans knowing that all does not need to happen right away.

What should you do in focusing on your life and business?

  • Here Choose three things
  • Focus (this is the key)…this is where we lose heart and faint.  This is where we wonder if our business will work…you must FOCUS on these three things.
  • Get it done in a measurable time period (15 or 30 days)

This is all very doable and when you lose focus, forgive yourself and get back on course.  Create accountability with a coach or a colleague (choose carefully)…and always take care of YOU!

We are all in this together.  Let’s Thrive!

~Landria Seals Green, MA., CCC-SLP, BCBA

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rfufqjekzfy-olu-eletuAny great marketing tips?  What do yo think of this idea?  How can I market to schools?  How do I get the physician to refer to me rather than always sending referrals to other SLPs?

These well meaning questions are daily conversation threads on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, and other social media sites.  And these are good questions…except that we are asking about things and tricks to capture attention of our prospects RATHER than discussing our understanding of our market.

Gift baskets, Pens, Trinkets, Stopping by with lunch are moments.  And your practice needs more than a moment.  It needs branding and consistency.  You know the kind you have Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks, and others.  They made you fall in love with them or not based upon relationship than began with visual branding (symbol) that spoke to your need…and every time you need it-want it, you get it.  These brands didn’t get you to connect with them by sending you a gift basket for free.  NO!  They told you they were excellent and you needed them…and then they backed it up.  When they fall short on customer service, you forgive them mostly because the greater need overrides the fallacy.  Don’t you want that for your practice, revenue, and business?  Well, let’s start doing some things differently in the new year.

I have for you a free Mindful Marketing download that gives

5 Marketing Tips Staring You In the Face.

In addition, registration will open in a few days for therapy practice owners (speech therapy, BCBAs, Occupational Therapists, Learning Specialists-Tutors) to receive  leveled Therapy Biz Coaching in Marketing, Process Improvement, HR Tips and Tools, as well as Aligning Passion to Profit through LIVE webinars, on demand course access, private group access, and more. This Therapy Biz Coaching will occur in a leveled way depending on how much or little you want in a packaged monthly fee starting at $70 per month.  Registration will open December 6th (Tuesday)

Let’s Thrive!

~Landria Seals Green, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCBA

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