If You’re Private Pay, Rethink your Pricing Structure…NOW.

I see many colleagues in speech or even learning specialists discuss being private pay and the woes in finding clients. They also discuss the ease in documentation. While, I am in a group who thinks that documentation standards should be adhered to no matter private pay or third party reimbursement, I do believe that pricing … Continue reading If You’re Private Pay, Rethink your Pricing Structure…NOW.


Let your life get you IN FOCUS. Align YOU and REALIGN your business. Sometimes I just get tired.  Not so much physically...but head filled with thoughts and things to do kind of tired.  Sometimes I just want to answer a question saying  "I'm tired.  I have two beautiful children: infant and toddler.  I own more … Continue reading FOCUS

Establishing Instructional Control via Teletherapy

Using Technology During Your Sessions with Learners with Behavior Challenges Instructional Control.  Not as bad as it sounds, I promise.  Truth is, in most cases we all want and need it.  When a speaker is standing in front of the room and the audience is quiet: control.  See...not as bad as it sounds. But how … Continue reading Establishing Instructional Control via Teletherapy

The Value of Technology in Your Private Practice

And Tips for  Parents When Choosing Their Provider It's 2016.  Everyday we use our smart phones for scheduling, googling, facetime, personal connections , banking, and business transactions.  Communication is at our fingertips.  This has become our norm.   We have now and expectation of automation and reduced duplicity.  And then, we put our kids in therapy and find ourselves … Continue reading The Value of Technology in Your Private Practice


The American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) defines teletherapy as  "the application of telecommunications technology to delivery of professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client, or clinician to clinician, for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation." I started using teletherapy when I was the Executive Director of SLC Therapy.   With this medium, our clients … Continue reading Teletherapy