We must.  The needs of people and the consumers of our industry have shifted and the voices shouting the need have become louder.  

The impact of Applied Behavior Analysis is undeniable.  

Our team focus is not saving the world with ABA.  Our focus is making sure we know who we are  so that our impact is greater and more meaningful.  Repositioning happens with our language, diversity of thought and people, structuring work environments and jobs that fit people and the demands of their lives.  Creating a space for creativity.   This means that we will teach communication, teach how to engage in some tough and constructive conversations, and make organizations and their leaders in the autism industry better from the inside out.

We begin with YOU.  Our belief is that in shifting you…or giving you the actionable tools to re-imagine your place in the profession, your work environment, your home…the culture and everything around you begins to shift.