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I enjoy writing and speaking.

On topics concerning the elusive balance, how to take care yourself as a clinician so that burnout is less likely, organization behavior management (OBM), and diversity-equity-inclusion (DEI) in clinical spaces.

For The Sake of Human Dignity

Cultivating Care Within Problem Behavior While Serving People For the last few months, my family has had to make some really tough medical decisions with and for a beloved family member.  Like many people, we are faced with caring for ourselves, our children, and loved ones at different points in their lives.  It’s made meContinue reading “For The Sake of Human Dignity”

Lessons from #Chopped

What Foodnetwork TV has taught me about Corrective Feedback, Using my words, and the importance of being a Supervisor and Supervisee. Chopped surprised me. I thought it would be about food. This show has given lessons in feedback (giving and receiving) and, how at any moment, everyone should be ready to learn and level up.Continue reading “Lessons from #Chopped”

Save Yourself

Burnout, Implosion, and Learning to Breathe (again and deeply) as a Clinician There are two moments in my life where I could place a finger on burnout.  The first time, I was an undergraduate.  And I called my mother wondering if I should complete college.  I was tired …my insides were tired.  Looking back, IContinue reading “Save Yourself”

Being the Same Will Not Do

Why Pruning Matters… My favorite flowers are Tulips. But I especially love Peonies and Hydrangeas. Fortunately, #TraderJoes keeps a nice stock of fresh flowers and I travel there almost weekly. Though I love flowers, I am a *clears throat * low activity individual when it comes for the care that fresh flowers require. On myContinue reading “Being the Same Will Not Do”


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